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Who We Are

At HEG, gaming with the best, starts here!

Our Hosting is the cheapest hosting on internet; this was done deliberately so as to maintain a viable business over long term. In fact, everything we do at HEG has a long-term view in mind, from the selection of hardware to software, and, especially, our staff! We believe that we must make the best investment on our human resources so that we could provide the best support to our customers.

Currently, we are using one of the most versatile and feature-rich web hosting software in this business. You could try out our hosting software with a demo account and see it for yourself. We are also constantly upgrading our software to provide a wider range of features at, again, affordable price.

If you have any suggestion for services or features which are not available at the moment, please feel free to contact us and let us know. We value your comments and feedback very much.
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Meet Our Team

  • Patrick McIsaac - CEO

Resions to You Choose us

Our History

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